Paul's 1959 Corvette

For many years I had wanted to own an old Corvette. My first slot racer was a Corvette (a "mid-years" car), and I spent many hours at Woodcraft Hobby Store on Lake Street in Minneapolis racing my little hot-rod. In the summer of 2003 though I got serious and spent about 5 months hunting for my dream car, finally locating one here in Minnesota. With a bit of trepidation, I plunked down my money and now have my "work in progress."

It's a Roman Red, C1 Corvette with a removable hard-top (VIN#J59S100920 - the 920th car built in 1959 out of 9,670). It's not what is called a "matching numbers" car as the engine is from 1967, but it is the original size and type of engine - a 283 V8 with a single, 4-barrel carburetor that puts out 230 HP.

Recent work on the car includes:
Weatherstripping throughout the car
complete new wire harness
recored radiator
speedometer rebuilt
temperature gauge repaired
Door panels replaced
Added seat belts (an option in '59!)
Added glove box lock and hardtop receivers
New gaskets and spacers for bumpers
New battery hold down and shield
Installed strut rods and rebound straps
New fuel pump
Rear suspension (springs and shocks)
Front suspension (complete rebuild)
New rear-end gears (3:55) and seals
All new exhaust
New clutch and flywheel resurfacing
New gas line
Dual master cylinder brake conversion
New brake lines
Front disk brake conversion
Frame stripped and repainted
Steering rebuilt
New windshield