First United Methodist Church
Lincoln, Nebraska

Three-manuals - 33 ranks

M.P. Möller (Opus 9158~ 1958)
Schantz Organ Company (2014)

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Möller organs have been a part of the history of First United Methodist since the early days
of the twentieth century. The first organ was installed in 1909 and comprised 25 registers and 1291
pipes. It was a two-manual organ but included an echo division. It was placed in the center of the
chancel space and was housed in a lovely case with an elaborately stencilled facade.

In 1958 another Möller organ was built for the worship space. At that time the woship space
was remodeled and the organ was placed in chambers on either side of the chancel. Schantz was
commmissioned to completely rebuild the organ and add 4 stops. A new case was built for the
Great organ, restoring it to its historic location in the center of the chancel space.


Here is a "before" and "after" photo. The choir area was reconfigured and carpeting was removed!


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n builders, Schantz Organ Company