Saint Marys Hospital Chapel
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Rochester, Minnesota

Two - manuals - 22 ranks

Æolian-Skinner Organ Company (Opus 894 ~ 1932)
Schantz Organ Company (2014)

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Originally built in 1932, the Æolian-Skinner organ in the Saint Marys Hospital Chapel survived
without modification. The instrument however was quite under-sized for the space because of
the desire in 1932 to duplicate an earlier E.M. Skinner organ (Opus 642) that was installed
in 1927 in the Saint Marys Hospital "Auditorium".

Judicious additions to the organ, all in the style of E.M. Skinner (as this is truly the soul of the
instrument) have expanded the organ from 14 to 22 ranks. All of the original pipes and chests
were retained and restored. A new control system and solid-state relay were installed as well
as a facade of speaking pipes.


pipe organ, orga

n builders, Schantz Organ Company