Saint Paul's Church
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Three- manuals - 48 ranks

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The first pipe organ at St. Paul's Episcopal Church was installed in 1884 and thus began a long history
of instruments that were either mechanically unreliable or suffered from a lack of financial commitment
by the parish; commitment that would create both an instrument of adequate resources and one of sturdy
construction. The first organ was by Hook & Hastings but was done in by a heating system that baked
the organ, drying the wood and causing it to leak badly. This began a long succession of band-aid fixes.

In the mid 2000's an organ committee was formed to at last take a comprehensive approach to the organ.
Though previous instruments had suffered from entombment in chambers on either side of the chancel,
a decision was made to move the organ to the center axis of the room providing for a shallow case
and much better sound egress. The new organ contains some 23 ranks from previous instruments
including the original 1884 Hook & Hastings.

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