Salem Evangelical United Church of Christ

Quincy, Illinois

Two-Manuals – 34 ranks

The new Schantz pipe organ for Salem Evangelical United Church of Christ is a well-balanced two-maual organ of 34 ranks. The new Great Division sits behind the original 1928 Moller facade with Swell and Pedal divisions in chambers to each side.

Salem Church has roots going back to Easter Sunday 1848, when the first meeting of this “new” congregation was held. Salem moved into its present building in 1877, a building that has now become a historic landmark in Quincy’s German Historical district.

The church’s first organ was situated in rear gallery. However in 1928 it was determined that the new Moller organ would be installed in the chancel area. It was originally a 4-manual instrument of 30 ranks though there had been later changes and additions made to the instrument.